Friday, December 8, 2006

Cochins waste Who is responsible?

Waste of Cochin. Who is responsible?

On 6.12 .2006 Twenty truck full load of nasty smelling waste leaving the stink and oozing polluted waste water in its entire way, reached Wayanad after traveling long 300 plus Kilometers from Cochin, covering 5 districts of kerala
Each of the trucks carrying about 10 tons of muck generated by the gentle men of great cochin , Who are very much concerned about the cleanliness and personnel hygiene and cannot tolerate the decaying and smelling waste in the city

The waste cargo traveled the entire kerala portion of its journey clearing all types of check posts run by deferent departments with routine dealings and finally caught blocked at Moolahalla forest check post of Bandipur national park in the state of Karnataka about 20 Kilometers prior to its final destination; Gundulpett, a small village with large agricultural areas and of poor farmer population.

The forest officials asked for proper documents of the waste transfer and the no objection certificate from the local authorities were it is going to be disposed
The poor truck drivers have only one photo copy of an agreement executed by one Gopalan ,Soil house ,Vadakara to the cochin corporation that he is ready to take away the waste from corporations dumping yard for proper disposal @ Rs 1365/ Metric ton ,all the drivers were booked by a lorry booking agency at cochin as return trip @Rs6000/load from Cochin to Gundulpett and the poor illiterate truck drivers thought that this is a valuable document from government and the transit will be very easy and the contractor’s men also accompanied them in separate vehicles and made all necessary dealings in all places were occurred any problem
Here at Moolahalla Check post also the problem was solved in the next day and the entire waste was dumped in a private land with an agreement that the land owner will get Rs 2000 pr load

During its no entry halt, all the twenty trucks parked in the core wild life area of Wayanad Wild life sanctuary and Bandipur national park blocking the wild life crossing especially of pachyderms and spreading the pathogens which definitely the waste materials will contain, to the pollution free wild habitat

This is the major question whether these wild animals or the poor farmers of Gundulpett were responsible for the waste generated by the ugly urban
Can we justify the action of the Corporation authorities to dispose the waste without knowing where it is going to be dumped finally?
Where all the scientific communities gone when the convoy of waste loaded trucks traveled through the five districts spreading all its stink and harmful bio organisms in its route

What is the cost of waste? Rs 1365per ton? Paying that much amount will give you license to produce another ton of waste? How these poor villagers of neighbor state are responsible for Cochins nasty waste and who gave you the authority to dump the damaging waste to his living land?
Will any one of you in Cochin allow your neighbor to dispose his waste in your living room?

Who is this contractor and what type of waste he is taking through the north kerala and through the two major wild life sanctuaries and who is inspecting and supervising the waste transfer?
Whether the land owner ship of few acres make a man licensed to dump any type of waste in it and make the surroundings polluted?

Don’t bother to answer all or any one of these questions
Go and enjoy, create as much of waste you can produce
Put a tender to take away the waste to anybody’s surroundings
Let us keep Cochin clean