Sunday, August 19, 2007

Please read this,Ofcourse only if you love your baby

Dear friends

I know being a father or mother is a wonder full think

You cannot hide its thrill from others

We will do any thing for our child

Spent major part of your earnings to buy any thing for the new born

That is why so many products launched by various companies claiming that all for the comfort of your baby

Disposable diapers is one of such things

You can see loads of its packets in the shelves of neonatal clinics and nearby supermarkets and even in country side petty shops

This is a humble request from me never spent on this bloody commodity

Never by this for your baby or as present for your friends offspring

If you r in a condition not avoid it totally please... please limit its use

At least give me a word that you will never use it while you r indoor

A disposable diaper is a dangerous thing,

Yes it will give you little comfort in baby handling but it will never do the same for your baby

If one use these diapers a child need around 6000 to 8000 diapers prior to his toilet training and in other words 4.5 trees to make paper for that(considering that diaper usage for 2Yrs) yes 1billion trees worldwide is used per year for this purpose

Arise in infection mostly in baby girls is noticed due to its usage since parents change these diapers much less often than the cloth made ones

The incidence of nappy rashes is increased from 7% to 61 % in dispo diaper using babies this may due to infrequent changes, bacterial infection, chemical allergies and ammonia from accumulated feces and urine in the diapers

In tropical country like ours the chance for getting the rashes is higher

In the present condition there is no proper means to dispose the diapers and we handle it as normal garbage and tossed to hose hold, road side or hospital garbage bins

About more than 100 types of viruses can survive in these used diapers including the dangerous polio virus heavily found in recently vaccinated babies

Guess how much years will take to get a diaper decomposed

Not less than 500Yrs is the correct answer

Almost 30% of this nasty thing comprises of non biodegradales likeabsorbant vinyl, gelling, elastics, Velcro and its plastic made packages

Flushing the used diapers down the toilets also make serious problem of clogged sewage lines(Don’t wonder that which fool will do such things, many of our friends will do it ,not from their own homes but they will dispose this and sanitary napkins down the toilet when they are in a hotel room)

The material which used to absorb water is a chemical (sodium poly acryilate) capable of absorbing 100 time of water per its weight it can stick and dehydrate your baby’s genital and this chemical can cause hemorrhage and cardiovascular failure and death in win lab animals when injected

What is your decision after reading this?

Still pro to diapers then you can read this too

Nothing more with me to confess you about this

OK friend no problem you can use this

But never tell any one that you love your baby you have no right for that