Sunday, July 22, 2007

What you mean by poverty line...?

What you mean by Poverty line?

I will introduce a tribal family from Wayanad district of Kerala

This is Veran and his wife belonged to Paniya community residing at Thanniyad colony.

They are living in a primitive house in the colony

Veran was an expert in coffee proooning and plucking pepper

But because of the agrarian crisis in wayanad there is no work for him for the last 2yrs

Then he migrated to near by Karnataka town Kutta In search of work and hardly get 3days work in a week with a payment of 100rupees /day

This wages only made him to cover his own expenses for food and travel .his wife was a heart patient for years and her working capacity limited to some house hold works

You guess how much was their revenue ,considering all the above said details

Yes no doubt they are not able to meet the target of one meal per day

The interesting and most worst part of the story is that as per government records this family is APL (Above Poverty Line)

His ration card (No2264047059)says that his family is above the poverty line and he not eligible for any supporting programs

How this happening

Who is determining the standards?

What they mean by the poverty line…..?