Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Many of my friends wished me a happy vishu and new year during this vishu.

Wishes for me came from everywhere by deferent ways through email .orkut , face book and mainly my friends spent more on SMS for wishing me good days..

I am sure that this is the same for you all. Received and send many wishes for this Vishu

I thank all my friends for remembering me and send good wishes for me on Vishu

But while reading all these wishes what comes to my mind first is another thought

How deserving I am to celebrate Vishu or accept a good wish for that? And this words to share the same feelings with you How deserving we all to celebrate Vishu,Onam or other harvest or seeding festivals .

We all know almost all of our celebrations including Vishu are agriculture related.. And that is why my question, how this celebrations relates you?

All news papers speaks about the high price of vegetables during this Vishu season and in all most in all television channels the real consumers directly from the markets complaints about the price hike of vegetables especially that cucumber(Kanivellari)

The minister and other civil supplies officials speaks in tons about setting up fare price stalls for vegetables during all festival seasons…

My wonder is that why nobody is speaking about producing these vegetables yourself if you feel that price is booming..

Please rewind your vishu celebrations and have a look at what all you consumed and how much of it you produced yourself. If the result says at least1% you r not a target of these words

Leave the case of new dresses new ornaments, machines brought newly , the crackers and all such things and please take the case of food you consumed only ,the rice,aviyal,sambarr,pulissery ,elissery Pickles ,frys ,the banana leaves ,plantain and other fruits and whatever it is..take the case of Vishukani if you prepared one and the number of items you displayed in it and think from where these items comes to your store and table, how much of it you produced yourself. At least few curry leaves…?

I am sure many of you not ,every thing for our daily use comes from far away places and celebrations multiplies the demand ,yes kanivellari cost you 30rupees a piece of jack fruit 40,a small bunch of flowers 25 and above ,the vegetable ,rice ,dhal, ghee and milk every thing you purchased for high rates but you never want to leave vishu or onam uncelebrated

Leave the case of festivals and celebrations, the coming days are going to be tougher, the entire world is going to face a severe shortage of food

You can’t eat air conditioners, latest mobile phones and laptops, a new generation car and high speed highway cannot feed your hungry child, International credit cards and heavily loaded bank accounts are not enough to satisfy your thirst